There are always times when a man will want to wear a tie, and his choice should reflect his identity, as well as demonstrating an appreciation and love for quality and craftsmanship. Windridge & Young will work with you either to refresh an outdated design, drawing on the inspiration of the original, or to create something new, tailoring a tie that perfectly reflects and celebrates association with your club or organisation.

All of our fine mulberry silk ties, with their brushed wool interlining, are hand-crafted in England, supporting British manufacturing and enterprise. We invite you to join the many iconic organisations and individuals who have bestowed their trust in us, as their bespoke tie-maker of choice..


The tie is the most symbolic item of modern menswear. A Windridge & Young tie demonstrates the prestige of the club and individual membership; the quality of a gentleman’s tie is a reflection of both the organisation and himself.



A tie signifying membership of the armed forces is a symbol of service to the nation through a particular regiment, branch, squadron or corps, identified by the use of specific colours in diagonal stripes and crests – the foundation of our company.

Schools & Universities

The school and university tie is a symbol of one's history and something the owner takes pride in wearing. We offer leavers and alumni a luxury version of the ‘old school tie’ to act as the perfect addition to a gentleman’s tie collection.



We begin our bespoke service by meeting with you to develop and capture your vision. With a collection of thousands of weaves, we will create a tie that is uniquely yours in design and style.

We will talk you through the most suitable tie width and length, tipping - either our own or bespoke - and labeling. We can even blend your silk with a mix of wool or cashmere depending on your chosen design.


Once you have agreed on a design and chosen colours from our extensive range, one of our expert design technicians will create an technical artwork and prepare it for one of our harlequin looms. At this stage we weave the sample swatch, check the colours in the design, and ensure that it has woven perfectly. We then present you with your weave.

This is when you will get a true idea of the quality and richness of your design, when you see it woven in some of the finest silk in the world.


Following your approval, your cloth will be woven and passed on to one of our expert cutters who will cut and prepare your cloth. Our expert tie-makers then carefully bring together each element of your tie with true precision.

Attention to detail is at the heart of our ties: we will match both the tension loop and the bar tag, each one individually braided by hand, to your design.



Royal Navy Submarine Service

The Royal Navy Submarine Service commissioned Windridge & Young to create and supply its new official Submarine Service tie, the first of its kind.

Thoma Club, Switzerland

The incredibly exclusive Thoma Club, with its unique membership criterion, chose a particularly individual tie design to denote their members' association.



Peterhouse, Cambridge

Windridge & Young re-mastered the tie’s unique weave especially for Cambridge’s oldest college, for the first time bringing together their true colours with the finest dyed silks.